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Yoga Se Hi Hoga: Pune Based Yoga Expert Diya Shekhawat Shares 5 Poses For Your Overall Wellness


In today’s pandemic times, it is high time we start looking inside our lifestyle and bring a massive shift from a toxic routine that we unconsciously fall prey to, to a more positive, rejuvenating drill. While the world is still figuring out how to combat the coronovirus disease, it is necessary that we start working on building our immunity and work on our inner healing.

Pune based Yoga expert Diya Singh Shekhawat has been practicing and teaching Yoga for a while now. In an exclusive interview with Indiabakar, Diya said, ‘I have been doing yoga from past eight years now. Honestly, I was never into Yoga or fitness but it has truly changed my life. Post-marriage, when I planned to conceive, I faced a lot of complications. I suffered from two miscarriages and only after my 3rd attempt, which was also a roller-coaster ride, by God’s grace I am blessed with a son now. But, I had to undergo a lot of health issues post-delivery as well like placenta previa , PCOD and diabetes. It was only through, that my life completely changed. It helped me clear all mental blocks about fitness and mindfulness. Today, when I look back I feel that I have come a long way and I feel happier and healthier, which is what I wish for all.’

Due to Covid-19 situation, Diya has been conducting online Yoga classes for women, in which she teaches postures that are best suited for individuals as per their body type and health requirements along with Pranayama and meditation.

Here are five poses shared by the yogini to improve your overall wellness:

1) Chakrasana: Benefits those with stress and anxiety and helps in curbing Astham related issues.

2) Vrikshasana: It helps in building good balance and also in toning legs

3) Ustarana or camel pose: This pose helps in back bending and strengthens your back and arms.

4) Bakasana: This pose again helps in building your arm strength.

5) Dhanurasana: It’s a chest opener asana and helps in strengthening your back.

To join her classes, you may DM her on her Instagram or write to us in comments. Feel free to share your Yoga or fitness related query with us.


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