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UC Browser Survey: 26% people want to be happy, 18% want new phone


A special survey #UnlockYourWish was conducted by UC Browser during Unlock-1 and in which some very interesting the results came out. From the given options, majority of the people chose the chose to be happy in life. 26% people, who took part in the survey, believed that they should make all efforts to stay happy. Whereas, 18% percent people opted for buying new phones. Not only this, 10% of the UC browser users participating from across the country have expressed a desire to eat momos as soon as the lockdown ends.

UC Browser, before the Unlock-1 had gave many different options for people to know about their wishes when the lockdown opens. A total of One Lakh digital users took part in the survey conducted with different questions till June 15. This survey was conducted in different languages and parts of the country. In which, various options were given to the users. The survey was conducted from June 2.

Along with this, quite a few interesting results were also seen in different languages. For example 20% of the people who participated in Tamil language want to go back to their jobs, while 31% of people in Gujarat want to adopt ways live a happy life. Along with this, some people desire to dance with favourite actors, while some people have expressed interest in watching the film free of cost.

Also, as part of this campaign, UC Browser also asked various other questions from its users. In response to one such question, 57% people said that they like to work from home, about 5 thousand (5000) users participated in this survey pertaining to this question. As far as opening of lockdown is concerned, 68% of the people were not in the favour of opening of lockdown yet. Around 13 thousand 249 (13,249) people took part in it. Along with this 70% of the people believed that it is necessary to keep a mask and sanitizer with them while leaving the house. Six thousand 662 (6,662) people answered this question.

People who took part in the survey have also posted various comments. Out of which some are very interesting. According to a comment, one of the users says that as his birthday is coming soon so he wants to celebrate with his favourite actress. Along with this, some people have written about their financial situation, saying that they want to return to the job as soon as the situation returns to normal. Also, some users want to build a big house in which many people can live together while following social distancing. People have also introduced their own ways of how to be healthy. Also, some people have said that they will always help others in any situation.


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