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Successful Businessman Neil Mathew Blazes A New Trail for Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs


The phrase ‘Jack of all trades’ has always carried a stigma. But businessman Neil Mathew reverses the tide of history by expanding his horizons to a plethora of businesses and triumphing in every single one of them. Of course, having fingers in many pies can get your fingers burnt, but Neil says “The journey is not an easy one. You need to have tough skin and be ready to face rejections. Opportunities are there; you just need to knock .” He also believes that it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people and cut out the negative energy from your life. Whether it’s negative people, thoughts or habits.

Neil Mathew, of Indian descent, started out with a small international luxury concierge business while he was studying science to pursue the medical route to get some side hustle. Soon he bid adieu to his future medical career and started focusing entirely on his business that proved to be rather fruitful. In 2015, Neil became the brand ambassador of ‘Manor of London’, a British luxury company. Later in 2016, the young entrepreneur was approached by two app developers to be a part of mobile applications that allow elite people from all over the world to share their unique experiences and even business opportunities. He soon started to invest in real estate by developing properties and selling high-end luxury properties which turned out to be a great hit. So how does Neil manage to handle all these businesses? Here’s what he has to say “Well, for me, investing my time, energy and money into multiple businesses is exciting. It builds my confidence while making me become more versatile. Being an entrepreneur means you are willing to take risks.” We asked the entrepreneur how he copes up when things get overwhelming and he was quick to reply “ I mentally prepare myself by starting the day off with a morning jog”.

So if you’ve been thinking of ditching your nine-to-five job and monetizing on your painting or baking skills, now you know you can do both! With proper business knowledge, courage and Neil Mathew’s refreshing approach, you’ll be riding high on success!


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