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Shocking videos of women assaulting girl and her family for feeding strays in Mumbai surface


It is shocking to see how human race is losing their very humanity day by day. A few good people are stopped and perturbed every now and then to do their good deeds while the rowdies get their way by behaving in an absolutely rubbish manner.

Explaining the same, videos of a certain Renu Singh from Mumbai have surfaced where she is seen assaulting family of Ravina Dandekar for the very reason of feeding the strays.  She is seen screaming violently using all sorts of abusive language on Ravina, who is perhaps filming this video. Angry over the filming, Renu Singh hurls abuses and threatens her to circulate her obscene pictures. She also attacks at her in the video.

Narrating her harrowing experience, Ravina has written a Facebook post, where she explains her ordeal and has also mentioned that she has raised the issue to the police station where the FIR is yet to be filed. The issue has also been reported to Honorable Prime Minister’s office, Honorable Chief Minister, Smt. Maneka Gandhi (Cabinet Minister), Women’s commission State and Central,  Honorable Minister for Law and Justice, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad and DCP zone 3.

Ravina Dandekar writes:

“Me and my senior citizen parents are being mentally and physically abused by a lady named Renu Singh,whom we had never seen before this incident and a few other people from our and neighboring buildings only because we feed the strays. 
We are working on it legally with the PAWA India Team Sonali Waghmare and Salim Charania

Application was given at the Vishnu Nagar, Dombivli West Police Station on 31st May 2018. 
We have also forwarded this complaint to
1 Hon. Prime Minister’s office
2 Hon. Chief Minister
3 Smt. Maneka Gandhi (Cabinet Minister)
4 Women’s commission State and Central
5 Hon.Minister for Law and Justice, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad
6 DCP zone 3
We are still awaiting an FIR to be lodged by the Vishnu Nagar Police.

Please help us make this video as viral as possible and let this Lady Renu Singh know that this isn’t Gundaraj and she can do as she pleases.”

There are a couple of more videos, that can be seen on the girl’s facebook page.

Watch the video here:

Here’s her post:



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