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Recipe: Potato Au Gratin by food blogger Amrita Vyas


New York based Amrita Vyas, is a food blogger who loves to cook for friends and family. Financial Auditor by profession, Vyas took to cooking as a hobby and soon mastered the skills. She not only cooks finger-licking delicacies but also likes to tease your taste buds by plating them elaborately and displaying them on her Instagram account. A number of her food preparations can be seen on her Instagram account. Feel free to have a look to please your eyes.

Amrita shares her very special Potato Au Gratin recipe with us along with some drool-worthy pictures. Here it goes:

Step 1: Slice potatoes using mandolin. Soak in cold water for 10 minutes. Rub them with dry paper until water vanishes.

Step 2: Grind some fresh black pepper.

Step 3: Take a cooking tray, layer potatoes, sprinkle salt and ground pepper and add cream. Repeat the steps after each layer. 

Step 4: For scallions – Add a spoon of salted butter and half spoon sugar in a pan. Heat it and add thinly sliced scallions. Cook on low flame until caramelised.

Step 5: Fry sage leaves separately in little oil

Step 6: Bake it for 35 mins at 350 Fahrenheit. Cover it when you bake. After baking broil it for 4 mins with no cover.

Step 7: Garnish the dish with scallions and sage leaves. Cut it into portions and serve!!

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