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Interview: British Born Singer Arzutra Garielle Talks About Music, Life and More

British born singer, Arzutra Garielle who is all set to launch her first album Woh Pal with Dubai based music producer Atif Ali is excited about her music debut. In a tete-a-tete with IndiaBakar, the musical diva shares about her journey. Music scenario, life and more. Read on…
1) Tell us about your music journey?
I never wanted to be a singer but I never didn’t want to be a singer too. My very first singing lesson was never attended with the intention of wanting to be a singer. Looking back on it, it was far from it. I think I fell into it. I mean on the one hand I believe in God having everything mapped out for everyone but he doesn’t do a great job of telling us right. This was a classic example of that where for the first 1 year I was really just dabbling with lessons, enjoying them, but nothing serious intended. After 1 year, I met a friend who suggested I make a song as my voice was nice. I mean what did he mean by that. Ok so I went along with it. I made an English song called ‘Feel It.’ I was far from ‘feeling it’. I realised in the whole process of making that song that I want to sing in Hindi. That was my main influence all my life and that’s when I realised I love the recording process. It was fun. 9 years later I have recorded 30 songs. I absolutely love Studio work.
2) Despite resistance from family, how did you manage to enter into music professionally?
I just did what I wanted, when I want something I don’t listen to anyone. I have had to deal with a lot of flack from not just family but all sorts of people I have met along the way. It’s a hard road and you will have a lot of resistance from all directions. However for me personally it’s the desire to succeed which got me to where I am. I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me I can’t do this or I can’t do that. No no no that is not happening.
3) Projects which are close to your heart
There is one really exciting project which I am launching which I can’t talk too much about right now. There’s a health related venture I have been working on outside of my music. I will reveal more when the time is right. Other than this I would say all my songs are like my babies and they are all close to my heart.
4)  Tell us about your first concert
A UK mela in front of 15,000 people. My legs were shaking on stage. I still remember they were stiff for my whole 30 min performance. I remember thinking ‘who are all these people..’ I just wanted to get off stage I was so intimidated by the number of people stood in front of me.
5) How do you see music scenario evolving in current times?
It’s a numbers game – you have no choice other than to play it. As great as it is for celebs to reach out to fans its always about likes, comments, views etc. You are always comparing yourself to others based on numbers. It really shouldn’t be like that. Spotify I think is the new Radio. Eventually nobody will listen to Radio. Like how nobody watches TV. Well maybe its just me. For new music I go straight to You Tube. Last time I heard Radio or watched TV was around 5 years ago.
6) Who or what has been your inspiration?
Bollywood has given me inspiration from fashion to music to film and much more. I was most attracted to the music as that’s all I was excited about when I sat through many hours of movies with my Father. I was attracted to those melodies. I still am. That’s why a lot of my work I do with my current Producer in Dubai, Atif Ali, is very much centred around melodies. With English being my first language, I used to find Hindi language exotic. I remember I used to watch Rishi Kapoor’s movie ‘Yeh Vaada Raha’ with my Father on a loop. Its actors like him who made Bollywood what it is. Whilst I was more into songs than the acting, I would not be who I am if it wasn’t for the movie itself. I respect and appreciate that Bollywood is not just entertainment. Bollywood for me meant learning from the greats. I became obsessed with melodies. I studied them for hours and hours daily. Bollywood has taught me the art of Melodies.
7) Tell us about your upcoming projects
I don’t even want to think about them or I will get dizzy. Seriously I have so many forthcoming projects and it feels like they are all super important and all close to my heart. ‘Tumhaari’ my next single is out on Friday 17th. After that it will be a song called ‘Raks.’
8) Pursue bollywood/punjabi industry or youtube – What’s more logical these days?
That’s a very hard question to answer. I pursue what I feel like pursuing on the day depending on my mood.
9) How do you think music can keep people motivated during the pandemic times?
Put their heads down and work. There’s no slacking in the industry we are in. I am in the same boat. I wake up thinking how am I going to make money without events. I haven’t cracked it yet. I think it’s a good chance to think outside the box. I am going to start working on my own merchandise line.


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