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Here’s what you didn’t know about Cricket in America


This article is going to seem pretty ironic given the history of cricket. If you had to guess which country hosted the first international cricket match, most people would answer without a doubt that it was England. However, the irony lies in the fact that it was the United States of America that played first modern world international sports event of Cricket.

Did you know that the first documented game of cricket in the history was a match between the U.S. and Canada in 1844, which was even before the first game of the modern Olympics. In an interview with The Gaurdian in 1999, Tim Lockley, an expert in American history at Warwick University had said, “Cricket was by far the biggest sport [in the USA] in this period. Then the civil war started in 1861, just when it was reaching its peak of popularity. The sport became a victim of that war.”

Even though cricket holds a spot in the top two on the list of most popular sports in the world today, falling just behind football, Americans just don’t really seem to care that much about the sport.

Moreover, most cricketers in the USA, who are mostly Asian and Caribbean immigrants, consider explaining cricket to Americans as a lost cause. They feel that Americans cannot and will not, understand this “exotic” sport.

Meanwhile, during our research, we came across these videos you might like to watch where people in America react to the sport of cricket:

When some Americans were interviewed about Cricket 

When Americans do try to watch cricket funny things happen

Americans don’t think of cricket as a game. When they do, they think of cricket the insect.

Big Bang Theory on Cricket

Americans will confuse cricket with any word that sounds like cricket and often say that it’s just too difficult to comprehend

Another one on cricket from Big Bang Theory where Rajesh and Howard watch cricket together


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