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Asifa and Unnao cases: How are we failing our women and children in this country


The brutal rape and murder of Asifa Bano in Kathua, Jammu is as agonizing as the murder of Unnao rape victim’s father in the custody.

While the country is still debating on the political handles that are behind the horrid incidents, the women in the nation are scared and traumatized as their safety is a concern and has been severely compromised. An 8-year-old gets drugged and raped inside a temple by 8 men, including two cops repeatedly and then brutally murdered – reason being, they wanted to threaten a particular community and wanted to instill fear in it so that they leave the place. Hence, they targeted poor Asifa.

The story of Unnao’s minor rape victim asking for justice also brings chill down the spines as her father got beaten to death in the custody by the who’s who of the police – reason being, MLA Kuldeep Sengar was the culprit and how to mess with the politicians. The CBI however has taken over the case and has charged Sengar with the minor’s rape.

But, where exactly are we failing the safety of our women and children in this country?  The question is how and when will this stop? Strict measures were supposed to be brought in after Delhi’s Nirbhaya’s case. Fast track courts and procedures did start, but are they subjective, based on region and religion? There are several questions to be answered. Why is Prime Minster Modi still silent on the issue? The country is waiting for his intervention. India, on the face of the world has become a globally advanced country, but our women are unsure of their safety, our children are not secure outside. How are we addressing it.

If money laundering was a grave issue for which an overnight surprise of strict demonetization of the old currency notes was brought in, then isn’t the safety of our own women is equally if not the most important critical situation that needs to be addressed?

Why cannot we bring in a state of zero tolerance in matters of women in our country? May be because the politicians or the people in power are scared to face the wrath of it.

The nation stands numb seeing the injustice that Asifa and her family had to go through. One cannot fathom the pain the rape victims like late Asifa or the Unnao girl had to undergo. Can we be more vocal about it this time and get something done about it?

Mr. Prime Minister please speak up!


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