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This cover of B Praak’s Mann Bharrya by Shruti Sharma makes you wonder which is better – the original or the cover


There is something about Punjabi songs, their feel is so strong that whether you understand the language or not, the song can ring the right bells of your heart. You automatically start humming the song and before you know it, it becomes the top charter of your playlist.

Mann Bharrya is one such beautiful song that narrates the ordeal of a lovelorn woman who sings her heart out on the pain of being rejected. Sung by Punjabi singer B Praak, the number is already a hit and is topping the charts.

While, B Praak’s voice is magical, we came across this cover of Mann Bharrya by Shruti Sharma, a Delhi based singer, who has just launched her channel Shruti Unwind and we wonder why? As in why so late? Where were you all this time?

Well the song beautifully shot by Rockfarm Studios, is so catchy that you might as well forget the original. In a week’s time, the song already has close to 67000 plus views. Don’t trust us? Judge yourself and tell us how you loved our discovery.


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