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Five things that make Milind Soman’s wife Ankita Konwar super awesome


We are still not over the fact that Milind Soman got married. The Indian Iron Man tied knot with his super cute girlfriend Ankita Konwar on April 22 at Alibaug in a private ceremony and the super-woman does not fail to surprise us every single day.

We are obsessively following her on her social media and the result is quite pretty. There are a lot of reasons for she being so loveable. Have a look yourself:

  1. Not a tinge of plastic: The gorgeous Ankita is free of any fake layer on herself ie she is all natural beauty without makeup, YES! You read it right. The girl is mostly sporting no-makeup look and that is plain brilliant. Her baby like skin and naturally beautiful hair and eyes add the twinkle to her charm. No wonder Soman waited so long to get hitched.
  2. Million Dollar smile: Ankita not only pleases all with her genuine beauty but also her absolutely gorgeous smile. The Assamese lady wears a pretty smile and that’s enough to bring your stress down. How can one be so natural? How? I mean how?
  3. Extremely fit: Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar share an incessant love for staying fit and they both are runners. Always spotted running marathons and doing pretty amazing fitness activities together. The couple even ran on their honeymoon.
  4. Fun-loving: Ankita is a fun loving person in real and her Instagram account is a testimony to that. From running to playing guitars to swinging and swimming, the lady is a pro in all fun stuff.
  5. Super romantic: Ankita and Milind are head over heals with each other and that shows up in their pictures as well. From underwater romancing to moonlight kissing, their pictures are so dreamy that I can cry myself to sleep wondering if that sort of love exists!

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